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  • SMART Meal Plan

    The Fit Meal Smart Plan is designed for those that are trying to lose weight. The portions are meant to meet the recommended serving sizes to encourage weight loss. The Smart Meal Plan provides all th...

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  • ALPHA Meal Plan

    My Fit Meals' chefs designed this plan for hungrier and more active people. Individuals who exercise more during the day tend to burn more calories, thus they need to intake more calories. This meal p...

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  • Paleo Meal Plan

    The Fit Meals Paleo Meal Plan is inspired by the natural, unprocessed, hunt-and-gather style meals that our ancestors enjoyed. If focuses on lean meats, fresh fish, and lean poultry, fresh fruits and...

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  • Vegetarian Meal Plan

    Our Vegetarian meal plan is designed for those who do not eat meat, yet still desire great taste and variety! If you are just turning vegetarian and want a consistently enjoyable diet, or if you have ...

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  • Athlete Meal Plans

    Our Athlete meal plan is designed for those who are athlete and want great taste and variety! If you are an athlete , this is the meal plan for you.

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